The following papers provide insight to our philosophical approach. 

Waves of Change Partnership Macro-Model for Learning and Change

Our “Macro-Model for Learning and Change,” and was developed through research by Don Mroz.  The basis for the research was through scheduled interviews with Senior Level leaders around their views of Organizational Learning.  The model has been the foundation for our work with organizations concerned with Strategic Change and Learning.

This model is based on research conducted by Dr. Mroz of Waves of Change Partnership and is meant to portray a systems perspective of the critical elements that need to be taken into account when undertaking organizational learning and/or organizational change efforts.

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

This paper was put together by Chuck Roe, a colleague who often works with Waves of Change, and has worked extensively with organizations on aligning their processes and work flows.  The paper gives a brief description of a conclusive Performance Management system that Waves of Change can help to create for your organization.

Philosophy: It is the belief of Waves of Change Partnership that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are fundamental to organizational alignment and sustainable business performance. We
believe that KPIs are at the core of performance management for any organization. We engage with clients to create a performance management model that will include:

  • Performance management overview
  • Define KPIs for the business
  • Provide example of relevant KPIs

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Creating competitive advantage through employee engagement

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From Heroic to Collaborative Leadership

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Extraordinary teams: Beyond high performance

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