“Leadership Development is a life long journey that requires continuous learning. I've chosen Waves of Change Partnership to help me and my company nurture this learning process. I find them insightful, focused and invigorating. They help me create alignment within our management team and stimulate a positive cultural evolution. They accomplish this around our work (not their process) which creates immediate results.”

Frank Burnside, President & CEO - Florida Production Engineering

“I am most honored to be asked to write this testimonial for Waves of Change consultants Don Mroz and Susan Lapine. The Lenawee Intermediate School District has been privileged to have a working relationship with Don and Susan for over a decade. Over these years, they have provided leadership and insight to this organization in areas of leadership development, strategic planning, relationship building, and organizational problem solving. Over the same years, the Lenawee Intermediate School District has used numerous other consultants for a variety of different purposes. In my opinion, none have had the overall impact on the vitality and service levels of this organization as Waves of Change consultants Don Mroz and Susan Lapine. Waves of Change recommendations and strategies for this school district are always based on knowing us, our resources, our challenges, and our staff. For that reason, I always find their work to be of utmost effectiveness. There are no consultants with whom I have worked in my thirty-five years in public education for whom I have higher regard. I recommend them without hesitation and would welcome the opportunity to discuss in more detail their contributions to the Lenawee Intermediate School District.”

Steve Krusich, Superintendent Lenawee Intermediate School District

“Don Mroz's insight into organizational behaviors transcends your myopic understanding of the organization that you lead everyday. Through a series of focused interviews and thought provoking exercises, he was able to un-cover issues, facilitate meaningful dialogs, and elaborate on appropriate behavioral changes that allowed our hospital to recognize it's potential and grow through collective leadership.” “By incorporating a systematic, interactive, educational approach, Waves-of-Change transformed our organization from a horde of silo-oriented individuals into a mission minded, focused and cohesive team.” “Waves-of-Changes not only created a collective paradigm change in our view of organizational leadership, they gave us the tools and the training to maintain the gains that we created.” “I hung the mural that they created for us outside of my office to remind me, on a daily basis, how important this work had been and to never forget what I had learned.”

Barton P. Buxton, EdD President & Chief Executive Officer Lapeer Regional Medical Center Formally, Chief Operating Officer Crittenton Hospital Medical Center Engaged Waves-of Change, 2001-2003

"Waves of Change created a dynamic foundational leadership program for all management levels at Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield designed for our corporate culture and requirements. Along with their ongoing relationship with Empire as facilitators of the program for more than 900 managers over the last three years, they created and continue to facilitate two additional targeted courses that develop leadership skills. As a result, today Empire has a robust suite of leadership programs targeted toward leaders at different points in their career."

Robert Lawrence, Executive Vice President, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield

"The Waves of Change Partnership Team has worked with Cooper Standard Automotive through many transitions. In one case, they worked with a new divisional management team, assisting them in setting a common direction for the business and addressing how the new organizational components would work together. Their insight, energy and process skills ensured that the solutions were tailored for our business situation. Unlike other outside consultants, Don and Susan ensure that their involvement is "working on the work", not on things extraneous to the running of the business. Through their involvement, this management team tackled huge challenges in structure and in operational details. The result was a team that came together quickly and that knew what to expect of each element. This may never have happened without Waves of Change Partnership's involvement. At one period, we were deeply involved in merging people, businesses structures and cultures after an acquisition. Don and Susan worked with the management team of the acquired company to get at specific issues affecting the integration. Though their involvement, events and interventions were introduced that kept employees engaged and informed and kept the turnover of critical talent to a minimum. There's an old African proverb that states; "When elephants fight, the grass suffers." Anyone who has been involved in working with a senior management team as it sorts out its boundaries and difficulties knows exactly how this proverb plays out in business. In a small group, working with just a few of the executives, the Waves of Change Partnership team was able to address issues, focus the discussions on the processes important to the business and help resolve the conflicts. In addition, they addressed ways that the management team could have "healthy" disagreements, leading to a deeper understanding of issues and faster resolution of organizational difficulties. In our business, faster resolution is a competitive advantage. We credit Waves of Change Partnership with helping us get there. One of the strengths of the team at Waves of Change Partnership is its ability to work at many levels in the organization. In one situation, the management team of a manufacturing facility was looking for ways to improve its efficiency while contending with a lack of teamwork among its ranks. Through intensive interviews, the issues were brought out . Based on the findings, the team held its first offsite meeting which centered around the use of a data scroll, allowing the whole team to see the big picture. As the team came together around a common understanding of the issues, they developed action plans to address the areas of concern and also to keep the momentum going. The turnaround performance of the plant was positively noted by senior divisional management. One of the hallmarks of the Waves of Change Partnership team is its ability to work closely with inside resources. This is not a set of consultants who put on a series of programs or who prescribe a panacea for organizational ills. They work with the client, investigating root issues and posing tailored solutions. Their work with inside experts is intended to allow the effort to become sustaining long after the consultants have left. This is only one of the things that make Don, Susan and Chuck unique."

Don Kelly, Director of Human Resources, Cooper Standard Automotive

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