Change Management - Do you manage change or does change manage you

Real life is not a black & white model flat on a page... we work with our clients in figuring out how to apply new models, concepts and tools in their own settings, with their own employees, on their own real life issues and problems

-- Don Mroz &
Susan Lapine

Waves of Change Partnership an Organizational Development consulting firm provides customized services in the areas of Change Management, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning and Team Effectiveness.  Our goal is to make our clients successful by integrating people and organizations.

Change Management:  Do you manage change, or does change manage you?  Waves of Change assists organizations undertaking major organizational change efforts focusing on changes in the work, the work processes, organizational structures, and the cultural aspects of change.  Focusing on the whole system is key to understanding both expected and unexpected consequences.  A solid plan, a clear vision for the future, along with participation and involvement are key elements to making any change effort successful.  Waves of Change has rich, varied experience assisting organizations with both mergers and acquisitions and in-house changes to meet the challenges of the future.

Leadership Development:  Are your leaders effective?  Waves of Change provides organizational leaders with the customized development needed to increase productivity, strategic thinking, and ultimately bottom line results.  Through the use of advanced learning methods, client-based scenarios, case studies, self-assessments, as well as current research on best practices, your leaders will learn to make better decisions, think more strategically, act more expediently, and manage and leverage individual differences when working with employees. 

Strategic Planning:  Is your organization focused clearly on the future?  Waves of Change Partnership will guide your organization through a comprehensive long-range planning process.  Using our well-tested planning model, we work in partnership with your leadership to customize our model around your organization’s needs.  Experience has proven that a comprehensive and participative approach which looks systemically at your organization and industry, along with critical thinking and scenario planning tools, will focus your organization on the success you need.  With a solid implementation design and annual reviews, the plan becomes actionable, which is key to any strategy.

Team Effectiveness:  Can you afford mediocrity? Mediocre teams are simply not as productive as high performing teams. Waves of Change works diligently to assist organizations in developing high performing teams through improved selection processes and intensive team learning. At the same time, teams make progress on their real work issues.  Do you have problem solving teams, quality improvement teams, and/or natural work groups? It is critical to identify the type of team and then work on the respective issue(s), while gaining skills that will enhance team performance for the organizational outcomes you require.

Waves of Change Partnership - Integrating People and Organizations.
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