Case Studies

The following case studies are examples of work performed with clients by Waves of Change Partnership. These two examples are prepared to provide the potential client with the in-depth descriptions of how we do our work in conjunction with client organizations. The case study entitled “Ford’s Flexible Strategy” was published in a book by Pegasus and is available as an example of a practical application of Systems Thinking practices.

Ford's Flexible Strategy for Introducing Organizational Learning by Ann-Marie Krul and Don Mroz

From 1995 to 1997, the Ford Process Leadership Office's Organizational Learning Team introduced organizational learning as a facilitation tool for major reengineering projects, based on a dynamic, adaptable strategy. We used the work of Margaret Wheatley (self-organizing systems) and Dee Hock (chaordic organizations) as a foundation for this approach, which involved creating a safe environment for experimentation and learning...

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Community Foundation Case Study:

Waves of Change Partnership (WOCP) worked with a leading Community Foundation in California to evaluate and reengineer all major work processes to enhance efficiencies throughout the organization.  Upon completion of working with internal teams for each of the major processes and conducting an intensive organizational diagnosis, the following findings and recommendations were made to the organization.  As a result the organization was redesigned and made significant increases in its philanthropic efforts to the local community.

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