Waves of Change Partnership

Waves of Change is a Partnership of diverse skills and talents providing customized Organizational Development (OD) consulting services focused on integrating people and organizations.  We team with our clients to stimulate learning and greater organizational effectiveness

Don Mroz: Founding Partner / Principal

Don Mroz has extensive experience in change management, organizational learning, leadership development, group process and organizational development. Don is a founding member of Waves of Change Partnership and has worked hard to make certain clients receive top notch programs and services in a timely and efficient manner. He brings an integrated understanding of the technical, human and systems aspects of organizations to his consulting engagements. He has particular interests in working with groups and organizations interested in learning and knowledge management as well as leadership development and cultural change. Don has experience working with firms that have undertaken major change efforts including organizations that have experienced mergers and gone through acquisitions. His experience in assisting organizations with the cultural change aspects of organizational change efforts is invaluable to his clients. Prior to the founding of Waves of Change Partnership, Don spent two years with Mazda Motor Manufacturing developing and launching their Management Development Program. He also worked as a Senior Consultant with Educational Data Systems, a technical training firm. Prior to this Don spent several years in the public educational system developing and delivering training programs for professional and administrative staffs. Post UniversityHis educational preparation includes a bachelor's degree in industry and technology, a master's degree in guidance and counseling, a master's degree in human and organization development, and a doctorate in human and organization systems. Don was also an adjunct professor at The University of Michigan - Dearborn for six years prior to moving to the East Coast. Don is presently serving as the Director for the MBA program at Post University in Waterbury CT.

Susan Lapine: Founding Partner / Principal

Susan Lapine has been coaching executives and managers in organizations across the country in various industries for over 15 years. She is a founding partner of Waves of Change Partnership (formerly Atchison House Consultants) and has been key in establishing the processes that have been implemented throughout client organizations. She has extensive experience in Systems Thinking allowing her to transfer these critical thinking skills to our clients. She has particular expertise in Large Scale Change efforts and brings her holistic thinking skills to these efforts. She has also had extensive experience in all aspects of organizational development such as teaming, leadership/management/ supervisory development, interviewing - data analysis and synthesis - data feedback, change management, and organizational learning. Susan has worked in a wide variety of organizations and business climates. She has far-reaching experience in both public and private sectors, affording her a unique opportunity to think outside the box when formulating strategies. Susan has an undergraduate degree in languages from The University of Michigan, and a Masters Degree in Human Resource Administration, also from The University of Michigan.

Waves of Change Partnership - Integrating People and Organizations.
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